T4B 009: Passionfruit Curd and Scrolls, Easy no bake Fudge.

Jun 25, 2013

In Episode 9 of The 4 Blades podcast…

We made passionfruit curd, which is like a sweet passionfruit butter. It is SO easy to make in the Thermomix. You can find the recipe here.

Passionfruit Curd

TIP – When we make our butter now, we are pressing it into an icecube tray and then pushing it out once frozen into a ziplock bag, kept in the freezer. It has been great for recipes like this where you can put a portion into the recipe.

TIP – We sterilise our jars by washing them, then putting them in the microwave (wet) for 1 minute. We give the lids a good clean then pour boiling water over them.

Thanks to Thermomixalicious, we had the inspiration to try making Passionfruit Scrolls with our passionfruit curd. We used the Brioche recipe from the Australian Every Day Cookbook for the dough.

Here’s what we learnt:

Be careful with how old your yeast is! It does go off!

Rather than warming your milk beforehand, add a second step to the recipe by adding cold milk & butter (ours was frozen) and put it on 2 mins, 50 degrees, Speed 2. Add the yeast once it reaches 37 degrees.

Don’t put salt right on top of the yeast. Put the flour on top of the milk / butter / sugar / yeast, then the salt on top of that.

TIP – Use gravity to help you get the dough out of the Thermomix by putting it upside down on your dough mat and twisting the blades from outside the Thermomix bowl.

TIP – Make sure you take your Thermomix apart after cooking with dough if you have someone around you who is gluten intolerant – it can really get stuck underneath. We find the brushes from this store to be really effective.

To prepare the scrolls, we rolled the dough out on the dough mat, spread the passionfruit curd on top, then sprinkled with some coconut.

Passionfruit Scroll Prep

In our first baking attempt the scrolls turned out pretty dry….

1st round scrolls

In our second attempt we cooked them in the crockpot, next to each other, and brushed them with passionfruit curd before cooking. We left the lid on for 20 minutes, and off for 10 minutes.

They went from this…

2nd round scrolls before

To this…

2nd Round Scrolls

Much better result!

Now for a super quick and easy recipe… Two Ingredient Fudge. We were grateful to Wholefood Simply for this recipe. We have posted it here.

Two Ingredient Fudge

Two Ingredient Fudge