T4B 003: Thermomix Caramel Slice, Tea and Buying and Eating Locally.

May 14, 2013

In this episode of The 4 Blades podcast, we pick up from where left off last week and talk about a whole foods version of a carmel slice from The Organic Sisters. We’ve done up a blog post for the Thermomix conversion. This recipe is an absolute cracker and made super easy in the Thermomix.

We then move along to what we’ve seen around the web, and a good friend of our’s Claire is a big part of the ‘Think Global, Eat Local’ Campaign. This particular campaign is directed at residents from the ‘Northern Rivers’ area in Northern NSW. However, there’s a whole heap of great info on the site like ‘Why grow your own food’ and a 12 week ‘Grow your own challenge’ which would be beneficial for anyone. Who knows it might inspire you to start a similar project for your local area!

This got us thinking, ‘What do we us that is local?’. We were given a kilo of rainforest honey from Kin Kin on the Sunshine coast, Also some other friends gave us some lemons and limes. So while we were scouting the web, Bec came across a lemon and honey drink from Steph Berg’s website. We made a few alterations but either way is great:


  • We just used normal water as we’d be boiling it in the Thermomix anyway, this saves on energy.
  • We just used a 6cm piece of ginger rather than 12 slices.
  • We left out the Cardamom, however, this might be a really good inclusion if you are feeling a bit under the weather.
  • We diluted ours at around 5:1
  • We also added a sliced lime as well.

Other links mentioned in the show:

superkitchenmachine.com – the blog for all things Thermomix / Bimby. Helene, who runs this site, is such a great creator and curator of the best Thermomix content. She also sells the ‘hands down’ BEST Thermomix accessories. We couldn’t be without our super spatula, or cleaning kit. Take a look at what she has on offer!

Hello Honey – http://www.hellohoney.com.au/

Seasonal Food Wheel that we use – http://www.ecofriendlyfood.org.au/food_wheel

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Also – keep an eye out in the next couple of days for Joe s ‘How to peel garlic’ video.

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Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71284893@N00/3143070589/