T4B 019: Strawberry Thermomix Spectacular! Strawberry Thermomix Recipes

Sep 16, 2013

In Episode 19, we put the multitude of strawberries we were given to good use!

In just the nick of time, Simone’s Thermomix Essentials posted a list of Strawberry Recipe Ideas for when you have a Thermomix. Simone has reposted from ThermoFun’s document of the same name on Facebook – so have a look at all the great documents Leonie has on offer here.

Here are the three recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1 – Raw Strawberry Fudge by Jules Galloway (posted by Hermies Place on the Recipe Community)

You start with cashews and coconut…

Coconut Photo

Then raise the speed slowly until you have a nut butter consistency, like so…

Nut Butter Photo

Then add in the rest of the ingredients. We only used half the amount of honey, as we were making it for children and felt that with the strawberries it would be sweet enough.

All Mixed In Photo Freeze the fudge for 3-4 hours. It should be the texture of a Weis bar.

Fudge Bitten Photo  Recipe 2 – Almond & Strawberry Friand (posted by Nicky Parsons on the Recipe Community)

A friand is a little cupcake-like treat that is usually made on almond meal and cooked into an oval shape. However, we used hard paper cupcake holders, from a local $2 shop. They are a great colourful addition to a special occasion, and have the added benefit of being a safe way to cook gluten free if your kitchen is not usually gluten free.

Friand Vignette Photo


This recipe is for strawberry friands, so I added a sliced strawberry on the top of each one.

Photo 11-09-13 8 33 49

However, the only strawberry step is right at the end, so try experimenting with some other flavours. Eg. Add citrus zest to the TM bowl and blitz before you put the almond in, OR try putting blueberries in before baking. There actually 5 varieties of friands on the Recipe Community, so get out there and give them a shot.

Photo 11-09-13 9 33 40

The other great thing about these little cakes cooked in the hard paper casings is that you can stack and freeze them – Joe attests to the fact they are still delicious after defrosting.

Photo 16-09-13 11 39 43

Recipe 3 – Raw Creamy Strawberry Pudding (from Quirky Jo)

This recipe is super easy, and a great way to use up extra strawberries. Our nephew Nicholas used this as an alternative to yoghurt… and he loved it!

Photo 16-09-13 10 54 41

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Thanks guys!