Smoked Salmon and Chive Bagels

Jan 6, 2021


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Smoked Salmon and Chive Bagels

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Yield: 4


Buy some deliciously fresh bagels (or even better, make your own!) and top with a generous serving of this smoked salmon and chive spread on them for a quick and easy snack. For a low carb option, simply use the spread as a dip with crudités.

Recipe Tester Feedback: “Quick, easy, versatile and delicious.” – Karen

No: Nuts
Contains: Gluten / Dairy / Egg
*Variations: Can be made without Gluten / Egg


  • bagels – 4, (*can use GF; make your own with the Bagels recipe from The Breakfast Issue)
  • cream cheese – 250g, cubed
  • mayonnaise – 75g, egg, whole, (*can use EF; make your own with the Mayonnaise recipe from The 5 Ingredients Issue or the Egg Free Mayonnaise recipe from The Tea Party Issue)
  • lemon – 1/2, juice only
  • smoked salmon – 180g, fillets, diced
  • fresh chives – 1/2 bunch, finely chopped


  1. Halve and toast your bagels (4).
  2. Place cream cheese (250g), mayonnaise (75g) and lemon juice (from 1/2 lemon) into the bowl. Mix Speed 6 / 15 seconds, or until combined.
  3. Add the salmon (180g) and chives (1/2 bunch) to the bowl. Mix Reverse+Speed 4 / 8 seconds.
  4. Spread over toasted bagel halves.


Bagels and cream cheese component can be frozen individually

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes

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