Really Easy Thermomix Rissoles

Dec 3, 2013

We were so impressed to discover that, with a Thermomix, the previously messy task of making rissoles was made quick and REALLY easy. AND no need for any fillers like breadcrumbs or flour.

Ingredients (makes about 8 BIG patties, or about 20 regular sized patties):
2 handfuls of coriander
2 handfuls of continental parsley
2 cloves of garlic
1kg beef mince (or, make your own in the Thermomix!
1 egg
2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp paprika
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Salt / pepper to taste

1. Add coriander, parsley and garlic to the TM bowl. Chop Speed 7 / 5 seconds (listen for the sound change). Scrape down sides.
2. Add the mince, egg and seasonings (all the other ingredients) to the bowl. Combine Reverse+Speed 3 /  20 seconds. Note: the mixture should be well incorporated, if not, keep going!
4. Form into inch-thick patties with wet hands.
5. Cook on the stove-top: 5 minutes on one side with the lid on + 5 minutes on the other side lid off.
Cook on the BBQ: as per usual rissoles
Cook on the sandwich press: for a thin “McDonald’s-style” patty

Really Easy Rissoles

How easy are these Thermomix rissoles? Yum too! We discussed them in Episode 29 of The 4 Blades podcast.

They can be made ahead and stored for lunches. They are great with salad!

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Really Easy Rissoles

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 15 standard sized rissoles


Just like the name suggests, these rissoles are really easy. Easy ingredients, easy preparation, easy cooking; Yet they taste very yummy and fresh. You can cook them like a traditional rissole on the stove or BBQ,or you can create a flat hamburger-style patty by cooking them on a toasted sandwich maker. Serve on a burger, or with salad. They are pictured here with Crunchy Carrot Beetroot Salad with Orange, Feta and Mint. Mayonnaise and relish make great additions!

Quick Dinner Option: Combine these with buns and simple salad items for your next burger night!

This recipe was also featured in Episode 29 of The 4 Blades podcast.

Recipe Tester Feedback: “These rissoles are such a quick, convenient and tasty meal with limited fuss and next to no mess. They held together and cooked through really well. I just love the taste; the coriander and different spices make all the difference, I think. As a novice thermomixer, this was such an easy recipe with a great result.” – Maureen

No: Gluten / Dairy / Nuts
Contains: Egg


  • fresh coriander – 2 handfuls
  • fresh parsley – 2 handfuls, continental
  • garlic cloves – 2
  • beef mince – 1kg
  • egg – 1
  • cumin – 2 tsp, ground
  • cinnamon – 1/2 tsp, ground
  • paprika – 1/2 tsp
  • cayenne pepper – pinch
  • salt – to taste
  • pepper – to taste
  • oil – for frying


  1. Heat your BBQ, frying pan or sandwich press.
  2. Add coriander (2 handfuls), parsley (2 handfuls) and garlic cloves (2) to the bowl. Chop Speed 5-6 / 2 seconds.
  3. Add the mince (1kg), egg (1), ground cumin (2 tsp), ground cinnamon (1/2 tsp), paprika (1/2 tsp), cayenne pepper (pinch), and salt and pepper (to taste) to the bowl.
  4. Combine Reverse+Speed 3 / 20 seconds. Note: the mixture should be well incorporated, if not, keep going!
  5. Transfer contents into a separate mixing bowl with a spatula. Form into inch-thick patties with wet hands.
  6. Cook on the stove-top a few minutes on each side, or on the BBQ as per standard rissoles.


Can be frozen

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