The Readers Issue of The 4 Blades Thermomix Mag

Nov 1, 2017

50+ recipes from our readers, for our readers!

Well, this is going to be one of our most favourite issues to date! In The Readers Issue, we bring you recipes created by our readers, for our readers. How good is that?

In July of this year we released The Readers Issue competition. Readers and members of our community could enter their original recipes and have the chance of not only being published in this issue of the magazine but also winning some great prizes! 

We were inundated with recipes. So many delicious recipes to choose from, from all over the world. We just couldn’t decide what to publish, so we enlisted the help of our recipe testing team and put each recipe through our thorough testing process. 

We wanted to say a very big congratulations to our three winners of the competition. These recipes were chosen for two reasons. Firstly, because they were a huge hit with the recipe testing team. We don’t argue with our amazing testers. If they say it was good, it was GOOD! Secondly, because the recipes were easy to follow and required no tweaks from the recipe testing team. Now that is a real winning reason – often the magazine recipes we write go through several rounds of tweaking and testing! Congratulations to:

  1. Victoria Perreau for her amazing Orange Glazed Duck with Parsnip Puree and Potatoes recipe.
  2. Stacey Benn for her delicious Nanaimo Bars recipe.
  3. Terri Fallis for her delightful Peanut Choc Chip Biscuits recipe.

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

You will find 6 handy sections in this issue. The sections are:

  • My Best Bakes
  • Easy Enetertaining
  • Grandma’s Greatest
  • Delectable Desserts
  • Quick Mixes
  • Dinner Winners

My Best Bakes is everything delicious when it comes to baking! We have everything from cakes to to biscuits to brownies covered. We think you will particularly like the Scottish Shortbread, Speltarific Chocolate Chip Biscuits and the Orange and Zucchini Muffins. Yum!

We love to entertain in The 4 Blades houses and we think that you will love the recipes featured in the Easy Entertaining section of the issue. These are recipes are great to whip up and impress guests. We love the Mini Donuts with Passionfruit Icing, 4 Ingredients Cheese Crackers and the delicious Canadian treat – Nanaimo Bars! 

Grandmas Greatest. We loved this section and reading through all the recipes shared with us and reading the stories behind these. We love the look of the Down Eat Pudding with Taffy Sauce and Boiled Fruit Cake.

Delectable Desserts are up next and this section does not disappoint! We have everything from Butterscotch Pudding to Apple and Raspberry Shortcake Pie to our delicious cover photo, Low Sugar Chocolate Panna Cotta.

We are all short on time and love quick recipes. Quick Mixes is full of east recipes that take no time at all such as Avocado and Corn Dip, Sweetslaw, Chickpea and Peanut Butter Patties and Chicken Adobo.

We finish of the issue with Dinner Winners. We can never have enough dinner recipes. This section is an absolute cracker, jam packed full of recipes to suit weeknight cooking and/or leisurely weekend cooking. Recipes we think you will love are Chicken, Celery and Cashew Casserole and Mexican Chicken Rice Bake. For something a little fancy we recommend the Orange Glazed Duck with Parsnip Puree and Potatoes.

Want to see more? 

Here are the recipes featured in this month’s issue: 

4 Ingredient Cheese Crackers
Apple and Raspberry Shortcake Pie
Apple Cinnamon Cake
Asian Chicken with Cauliflower Rice and Greens
Avocado and Corn Dip
Banana and Chocolate Muffins
Boiled Fruit Cake
Butterscotch Pudding
Californian Banana Cake
Cherry-Berry Clafoutis
Chicken Adobo
Chicken and Broccoli Gougere
Chicken, Celery and Cashew Casserole
Chickpea and Peanut Butter Patties
Creamy Cauliflower Za’atar Chicken
Down East Pudding with Taffy Sauce
Filipino Eggplant Omelette
Hokey Pokey Biscuits
Honey Buns
LCHF Chicken Tacos
LCHF Raw Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Meringue Panna Cotta
Low Carb Minestrone Soup
Low Carb Stuffed Burgers
Low Sugar Chocolate Panna Cotta
Mexican Chicken Rice Bake
Mini Donuts with Passionfruit Icing
Mini Quiches
Mock Smoked Salmon Dip
Mrs. Nunn’s Sponge Cake
Nanaimo Bars
Nancy’s Chocolate Squares
No-Coffee Coffee Cake
Orange and Zucchini Muffins
Orange Glazed Duck with Parsnip Puree and Potatoes
Peanut Choc Chip Biscuits
Rice and Leek Tart
Salted Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake
Scottish Shortbread
Simple Gourmet Mac and Cheese
Snickers Brownie
Speltarific Chocolate Chip Biscuits
Spinach and Mushroom Pasta Sauce with Ricotta Gnocchi
Steamed Chicken with Asian Coriander Sauce
Stewed Apple Custard Tea Cake
Sticky Date Pudding
Val’s Cornflake Cookies
Versatile Vanilla Cake
Yabby Delights

To get a handy printable checklist of our recipes for this issue, click here.

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