Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Jan 6, 2021


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Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 2


Let’s be honest. It doesn’t get much better than chicken AND prosciutto. It’s a match made in heaven. We think you are going to love this ‘quick yetimpressive’ dish. You can make it many times over with tweaks to the flavours used in the cream cheese and it’s like a whole new meal! For a delicious addition, serve with our Spicy Tomato Pasta Sauce.

Recipe Tester Feedback: “This is a moist and tender chicken dish that has an abundance of flavour. Really enjoyed by my family and impressed the in-laws too! Simple to make and would be a go-to week night dinner orweekend lunch anytime.” – Tracey

No: Gluten / Egg / Nuts
Contains: Dairy


  • water – 600g, hot
  • chicken breast – 2, small
  • cream cheese – 150g, herb and garlic, wheel, see notes
  • sun dried tomatoes – 8, or more to taste
  • prosciutto – 6 slices
  • vegetables of choice – to serve, such as asparagus and shaved carrot, sweet potato or zucchini


  1. Place water (600g) into bowl. 8 minutes / Steaming Temperature / Speed 2.
  2. Meanwhile, trim fat and skin from chicken breast and butterfly them.
  3. Spread flavoured cream cheese (75g) onto each chicken breast.
  4. Top with 4 sun dried tomato pieces each.
  5. Roll each chicken breast up into a roll ensuring the filling is secure.
  6. Lay three pieces of prosciutto down, slightly overlapping. Wrap prosciutto around the outside of the chicken tightly. Repeat for second breast.
  7. Place chicken into the steaming attachment lower dish. Cook for 20 minutes / Steaming Temperature / Speed 2.
  8. Meanwhile prepare your vegetables of choice (I used asparagus and shaved carrot) and place onto top steaming tray. Rinse well.
  9. In the last 6 minutes of cooking time, place vegetable tray in place and continue cooking. You may need to pop it in sooner depending on the vegetables you use.
  10. Slice each breast into thick slices and serve with steamed vegetables.


The cream cheese wheel can be storebought, or can be made as per theawesome recipe in The Picnic Issue. Alternatively, simply mix one garlic clove and 3 Tbsp fresh mixed herbs on Speed 6 / 5 seconds. Scrape down. Add 150g cream cheese. Speed 6 until well combined.

You may like to place your breasts into a hot oven for 10 minutes to make the prosciutto crispy.

Can be frozen

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