T4B118: Thermomix Mexican Cooking with Nikalene from Skinnymixers

Sep 2, 2016

Do you love to cook Thermomix Mexican food?

In Episode 118, we’ve got the wonderful Nikalene from Skinnymixers on to discuss all things Thermomix Mexican plus her new book ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’.

We start off by discussing how on earth Mexican food made it into a Skinnymixers book. Often when we think of Mexican we think of nachos, Tex Mex and the like however Nikalene and her husband Michael actually went to Mexico to explore what the locals eat. What they found was, firstly, traditional Mexican food is far more fresh and flavoursome then what we’ve come to know it as in Australia. Secondly that eating street food in Mexico can lead to some serious health issues.

Nikalene ended up in hospital during the first visit so we think it’s fair to say that she’s seriously put her body on the line to bring us this book.

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In this podcast we discussed how Nikalene put the book together from the other side of the world and also what she learnt from her time in Mexico.

We have had the pleasure of trialling a few recipes from A Little Taste of Mexico and they were all top notch. We discussed these recipes with Nikalene, where she first tasted them and how the recipe came to be featured in the book.

1. Chilli con Queso

Thermomix Mexican Cheese Dip

This basically means chilli with cheese. This is quite possible the most amazing thing you will ever eat. It’s a cheesy dip with the heat of chillies. It’s not quite what you would expect or the processed stuff that you will get from certain shops. The Chilli con Queso they tasted in Mexico City was full of flavour and fresh real ingredients.

2. Sopa de Lima

Thermomix Mexican Chicken Soup

This was another dish from Mexico City. This is a delicious and complex soup which will blow your mind. It’s lime and a chicken broth slow cooked and then served with fresh avocado and crispy tortillas. You will be amazed at the flavours that basically lime juice, chicken and water can produce.

3. Chipotle Ribs

Best Thermomix Ribs Mexican

This was inspired by an average dish from a fancy Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. As Nikalene has had success with ribs she thought why not give them a Mexican twist. Boy oh boy these are delicious. It’s super versatile too, you can use the sauce on wings, pork or beef ribs roasts or even on chicken breast and grill it.

Don’t Forget Dine at Mine

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