Healthy Tuscan Bunless Burgers

Jan 6, 2021


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Healthy Tuscan Bunless Burgers

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 6


Next time you find yourself with a hankering for a fancy burger (they are all the rage these days!), give this one a try! It makes for a super yummy and nutritious dinner that the whole family will love. The pesto will make it even more delicious. Leftover pesto? The Green Eggs and Ham recipe from The Breakfast Issue is a great way to use it up!

Recipe Tester Feedback: “These burgers are super juicy and full of flavour as well as being low carb and gluten free. They tick all the boxes in our house.” – Kylie

No: Gluten / Egg
Contains: Dairy / Nuts
*Variations: Can be made without Dairy / Nuts



  • pecorino cheese – 25g or other hard cheese like Parmesan (*replace with 1 tsp of salt for DF)
  • garlic cloves – 2, peeled
  • chilli – 1, optional
  • fresh basil – 65g, leaves (approx. 1 large bunch)
  • cashew nuts – 60g, toasted (*use pepitas for NF)
  • spring onion – 1, roughly chopped
  • olive oil – 60g


  • chilli – 1, mild, deseeded and roughly chopped
  • fresh oregano – 2 Tbsp, leaves
  • fresh rosemary – 1 Tbsp
  • beef mince – 500g, lean
  • onion – 1, peeled and quartered
  • tomato paste – 40g
  • zucchini – 1, sliced thinly
  • capsicum – 1, red, cut into strips
  • lettuce – 6 large leaves
  • pesto – 50g
  • oil



  1. Add the cheese (25g) to the bowl. Grate Speed 8 / 8 seconds.
  2. Add the garlic cloves (2) and chilli (1) to the bowl. Chop Speed 7 / 5 seconds.
  3. Add the basil leaves (65g), toasted cashews (60g), spring onion (1) and olive oil (40g only). Chop Speed 7 / 7 seconds. Scrape down sides.
  4. Add olive oil (20g). Blend Speed 4 / 5 seconds.
  5. Transfer pesto to a jar and keep refrigerated until use.


  1. Add chilli (1), oregano (2 Tbsp) and rosemary leaves (1 Tbsp) to the bowl. Chop Speed 7 / 2 seconds. Scrape down sides.
  2. Place mince (500g), onion (1) and tomato paste (40g) into bowl. Mix Speed 5 / 10 seconds.
  3. Transfer mixture to a bowl with a spatula.
  4. Shape into 6 patties. Flatten sightly.
  5. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat. Drizzle with a little oil. Cook burgers for 8 minutes on one side before flipping and cooking for a further 6 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile in a separate frying pan, add the zucchini (1) and capsicum (1) and cook until softened.
  7. Serve burger patty in a lettuce leaf (6 total). Top with zucchini and capsicum strips and a dollop of pesto on each burger.


Burger patties and pesto can be frozen

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes

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