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‘Clean' Chewy Choc Cookies

The inspiration for these 'clean' chewy choc cookies was a flier I (Bec) found at my sister's house from Lorna ...
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[Guest Post] LCHF Chicken Cacciatore with Velvety Cauliflower Puree from Thermo Foodie and The Chef

[Guest Post] LCHF Chicken Cacciatore with Velvety Cauliflower Puree from Thermo Foodie and The Chef

This delicious dinner is a guest post from the talented Daniela and Michelle from Thermo-Foodie and The Chef. They are ...
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10 Minute Thermomix Body Lotion

Thermomix Body Lotion made simple! This recipe for a beautiful Thermomix body lotion (made with only 5 steps in less than ...
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Apple Pie Thermomix Green Smoothie

A Thermomix Green Smoothie with a twist of Apple Pie! This Thermomix green smoothie reminds us of an apple pie with beautiful ...
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Banana Bread Bickies

Quick Banana Bread Bickies in your Thermomix! Thank goodness for Episode 140 of the podcast, we say! Because of the ...
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Basil Pesto Genovese Pasta Sauce in the Thermomix

Perfect Pesto Pasta Sauce! When I (Bec) was in Italy, I tried to seek out the local foods of each ...
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Bec's Best Thermomix Carrot Cake

It is with great joy I bring you one of my favourite recipes that I have been making for YEARS ...
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Bec's Fave Banana Bread

What makes Bec's Fave Banana Bread? Sometimes we need to be a bit indulgent. This is one of those times ...
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Bec's Go-To Stew in the Thermomix

It was a happy accident when I discovered that the Thermomix could replace my slow cooker for my casserole needs ...
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Bec's Super Simple Thermomix Salad

I (Bec) have to admit that my salad making has really improved since we did Episode 27 of The 4 ...
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Beef & Pumpkin Curry Thermomix Recipe

This deliciously sweet and mild Beef & Pumpkin Curry has been a regular in The 4 Blades kitchen for about ...
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Budget Thermomix Meatballs with Sweet Potato Pillows

Delicious Thermomix Meatballs for under $10! This a delicious meal for the whole family and so cheap! Coming in at ...
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Caramelised Onions in the Thermomix

Can you make caramelised onions in the Thermomix? Believe it or not, you can! We think that caramelised onions are a ...
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Carrot Cake Thermomix Energy Bars

Need Some Energy? These Thermomix energy bars taste like a dense and rich carrot cake. The best bit is that they ...
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Carrot, Cucumber, Mint and Pineapple Smoothie in the Thermomix

Fresh Smoothie Thermomix Style We loved creating this recipe for you and featured it in Episode 121 of the podcast: ...
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Cauliflower Fried Rice

This recipe was featured in Episode 61 of the podcast - Healthy New Year! We recently celebrated the arrival of ...
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Cauliflower Pilaf Thermomix Recipe

One of the first things we tried when we got our Thermomix was 'mock rice' - a fabulous recipe from ...
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Chicken & Prawn Thermomix Laksa

Love a Laksa? While in Singapore, we were staying with our sister and brother-in-law. We were lucky enough to spend ...
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Chicken and Vegetable Thermomix Ravioli

This recipe is just delightful, it's also a pretty great way to sneak in a few extra veggies. We use ...
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Choc Orange Cookies

Craving something sweet? These choc orange cookies came about because Bec was feeling selfish. She wanted to make a biscuit ...
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Chocolate Berry Hazelnut Torte Thermomix

Oh how delightful this gluten free, dairy free dessert is! This Chocolate Berry Hazelnut Torte Thermomix recipe is Perfect for ...
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Chunky Thermomix Bolognese

The Thermomix bolognese is something that can polarise Thermomix lovers - some love the EDC version, some hate it. Joe ...
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Chunky Thermomix Potato Bake Recipe

Thermomix Potato Bake Recipe, But Different. This Thermomix potato bake recipe is so tasty... and DARN EASY. It's not your average ...
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Creamy Roast Pumpkin and Pine Nut Pasta Bake That Can Be Made Dairy Free

Looking For A Creamy Pasta Bake That Can Be Made Dairy Free? We made this pasta bake with our grain ...
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Creamy Spinach Thermomix Soup

This is a light, simple and nutritious Thermomix soup that is great to have in the fridge for snacks or ...
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Crispy Potato Bites

Crispy Potato Bites That You Will LOVE! When we took these Crispy Potato Bites out of the oven for the ...
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Crunchy Carrot Beetroot Salad with Orange, Feta and Mint

Back in September we were tasked with creating a 'made in ten minutes' salad for The Made in 30 Issue ...
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Dairy-Free Bechamel Sauce (AKA Cauliflower & Leek Soup!) in the Thermomix

You can imagine my delight when tasting a newly made Cauliflower and Leek soup for the first time, that a thought ...
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Dairy-Free Choc Nut Ice-Cream in the Thermomix

Oh what a WIN it was to discover that our beloved Thermomix could also make ice-cream! Dairy-free ice-cream that actually ...
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Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Choc Hazelnut Spread in the Thermomix

So, when  you don't have dairy anymore... nor soy... nor sugar... you can only assume that your 'Nutella' days are ...
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Dry Rub Thermomix Chicken Wings

Our Dry Rub Thermomix Chicken Wings are a delicious blend of spices, without all the sticky marinade that can often ...
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Easy Mexican Beef Thermomix Recipe

Mexican Beef Thermomix Recipe, Easy and Delicious! We all love 'set and forget' meals in the Thermomix. Even better when ...
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Easy Mini Frittatas

How wonderful it is when you find a recipe that is simple to make, delicious to eat AND packed full ...
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Easy Pub Parmy

I LOVE a chicken schnitzel (or a schniddy as I like to call them). The only thing better is when ...
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Egg Free Chocolate Mousse with only Two Ingredients

Egg Free Chocolate Mousse that you won't believe! Egg free chocolate mousse sounds like something that will be thick and dense... more ...
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Family Friendly Thermomix Lemon Chicken

Love Lemon Chicken? Want a Thermomix Lemon Chicken recipe? I've got to be honest with you. I've not been a ...
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Fiddle-de-dee Potatoes

Have some fun with dinner! So here is the basic premise of this recipe: you steam up some jacket potatoes, ...
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Flourless Citrus Chocolate Cake Thermomix Conversion (Thanks Nigella!)

Bec first came across this recipe when her sister-in-law made it for a family get together. It was love at ...
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Full ‘o' Veggies Thermomix Curried Sausages

HUGE Thermomix Curried Sausages Meal... sub $10! Curried Sausages is an absolute classic... in fact, this recipe is based on ...
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Gluten Free Tortillas in the Thermomix

The cardboard-like unbendable tortillas have long been the bane of a gluten-free existence. No delicious soft wraps for us! Well, ...
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Gourmet Moroccan Salad with Pomegranate

We have created a new favourite in The 4 Blades kitchen! This delightful Moroccan salad is packed full of flavour and ...
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Grain Free Donuts Thermomix Style

Grain Free and Delicious! Ever wondered about making your own donuts? While grain free donuts Thermomix style MAY have seemed ...
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Grain Free Pasta in the Thermomix (Impasta Pasta)

When we went grain free we thought our pasta days were over and we were pretty sad about that. So ...
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Grain Free Pumpkin Scones in the Thermomix

Grain Free Pumpkin Scones? What? While baking away for the the scones podcast, we thought to ourselves, "Boy oh boy ...
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Hearty Lamb & Veggie Thermomix Soup

This recipe was featured in Episode 61 of the podcast - Healthy New Year! At the end of 2014 we ...
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Hearty Vegetable Soup

Love Vegetable Soup? This vegetable soup is so easy to make in your Thermomix and so incredibly delicious. It was ...
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Hot Maple Man Mix

Mmmmmm yum! The Hot Maple Man Mix is a trail mix designed with men in mind! Joe created this recipe for our ...
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Hot Thermomix Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce

Oh boy, these babies are hot! If you love a bit of heat in your food, you're going to love ...
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How to Make Your Own Thermomix Pasta

How to Make Your Own Thermomix Pasta

Have you ever wanted to make your own Thermomix pasta? In Episode 116, we are headed back to Italy (or ...
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Irish Brown Bread

Irish Brown Bread with Only 5 Ingredients Irish Brown Bread has been a staple in Ireland for a long time ...
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Joe's Jerk Chicken Wings in the Thermomix

Joe has taken the Jamaican Jerk Chicken spice and given it a Thermomix makeover with these delicious Jerk Chicken Wings ...
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Lamb Ragu Thermomix Recipe

A friend from Italy once gave me the most amazing recipe for Lamb Ragu. It took about 8 hours to ...
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Layered Citrus Cake

Zesty Orange and Lime Layers to Make the Perfect Sweet Treat! To celebrate Bec's 33rd birthday we are sharing one ...
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Lemon Cheesecake LCHF Bars – Thermomix Recipe

Sweet Sweet LCHF Bars AKA Fat Bombs These Cheesecake LCHF bars are DELICIOUS! After we interviewed the wonderful ladies over ...
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Lemon Pound Cake Thermomix Recipe

Looking for a simple afternoon tea cake which has a lot of flavour? This Lemon Pound Cake Thermomix recipe is a ...
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Lovely Herb and Garlic Lamb Shoulder

Why try Lamb Shoulder? If you are looking for a lamb roast (in the Thermomix??? What???) that is super tender, ...
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Low Carb Breakfast Bars

Want to Stay Healthy On The Run? These low carb breakfast bars are fibre-rich and low in sugar. They make for a great ...
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Low FODMAP Bolognese Thermomix Recipe

Looking for a Low FODMAP Bolognese Recipe but thought it was impossible? When we decided to record a low FODMAPs ...
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Low FODMAPs Thermomix Chicken, Mustard and Rice Bake

Looking for a low FODMAPs Thermomix chicken dinner? This Low FODMAPs Thermomix Chicken, Mustard and Rice Bake is delicious and a ...
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Macadamia Lime Fudge

Perfect for gifting, even better for eating! This fudge recipe has been receiving rave reviews in The 4 Blades Magazine ...
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Malaysian Meat Curry Powder Thermomix

The 4 Blades kitchen is absolutely full to the brim with herbs and spices. We have our most commonly used ...
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Malteser Thermomix Ice Cream Pie

Maltesers, Chocolate, Rice Bubbles, Ice Cream... Need we say more? Not only is this Thermomix ice cream pie impressive and ...
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Mild Greek Yoghurt Chicken Marinade

Quick, easy, cheap and delicious chicken marinade. What more could you want? We love this chicken marinade! It's super tasty ...
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Mini Chocolate Salted Caramel Tarts Thermomix Recipe

The culinary genius of this recipe belongs to Valerie Lugonja AKA 'A Canadian Foodie'. You can see her gorgeous recipe ...
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Mongolian Beef

And the winner is: Mongolian Beef! To celebrate the upcoming launch of The Fake Out Issue (Sunday, October 1 2017 ...
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Moroccan BBQ Koftas

Summer is here and that means BBQ’s in Australia! The Thermomix is not often associated with Barbecuing however there are ...
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Moroccan Roast Carrot Dip

This delicious carrot dip has quickly become Bec's favourite dip. Versatile - not just as a dip but as a ...
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New York Baked Cheesecake Thermomix Recipe

If you follow this recipe you will have yourself a 'store bought perfect' New York Baked Cheesecake on your hands ...
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No Sugar Grain Free Banana Bread

No Sugar Grain Free Banana Bread is EASY in the Thermomix We wanted to create a no sugar grain free ...
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Caramel Slice

No-Bake Caramel Slice with the Thermomix

The gorgeous girls over at the Organic's Sisters Facebook page created this fabulous wholefoods gluten-free / dairy-free version of Caramel ...
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Nutty Smashed Sprouts with Bacon

This recipe originally featured in The 4 Blades Magazine: The Christmas Issue. It formed one of the side dishes of ...
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Nutty Tuna Thermomix Salad

Super nutritious, but also delicious, this quick and easy Nutty Tuna Thermomix Salad can be made ahead and served throughout ...
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Paleo Hot Cross Buns [GUEST POST]

Want to make Paleo Hot Cross Buns with your Thermomix? These yummy paleo hot cross buns have been shared with us ...
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Patatas Bravas Thermomix Tapas Recipe

This recipe brings you best of two worlds... it's a great Jamie Oliver tapas recipe which has been tweaked and ...
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Pesto Lamb Steak in the Thermomix with Pesto Mash

Steak in the Thermomix? No way! If you have been listening to the podcast for awhile you will know that ...
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Quiche Lorraine GUEST POST from Thermomix Baking Blogger

Quiche Lorraine - quick, easy and delicious! Nothing is better for a cold, rainy day than a Quiche Lorraine. It ...
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Quick Low FODMAPs Marinade for Salmon

Looking for a super quick Low FODMAPs Marinade? Then look no further. One of the biggest issues people have with a ...
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Quick Thermomix Pad Thai

Looking for a quick and easy meal that is fresh and will feed the family? It has been tested by hundreds ...
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Raw ‘Creme Eggs' for a Dairy Free Easter

This Creme Egg recipe is a tasty Easter treat for our dairy free friends. Now, we have to admit that they ...
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Really Easy Thermomix Rissoles

We were so impressed to discover that, with a Thermomix, the previously messy task of making rissoles was made quick ...
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Sam's Cheesy Surprise Thermomix Burgers

Thermomix Burgers with a surprise inside! These super tasty Thermomix burgers were the main event of the kids dinner party our ...
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Simple Thermomix Chocolate Cake

We were looking for a Thermomix chocolate cake recipe that was light, delicious, intolerance-friendly, easy to make... really, was that ...
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Thermomix Guacamole Dip

Simple Thermomix Guacamole

Who wouldn't want to eat Thermomix Guacamole when it is served like this... ? Pretty cool, right? Well, cool, or ...
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Spicy Thermomix Pulled Pork

We have been talking to you about this Thermomix pulled pork recipe for over 12 months. You've truly earned it ...
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Spinach & Feta Grain Free Pancakes

Green and Grain Free Pancakes We wanted to create something fun and delicious for St Patrick's Day (note: these were ...
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Spring Time Thermomix Juice

Want to try a Thermomix juice? In Episode 121 of the podcast: Thermomix juice and smoothies, we investigate the difference ...
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Sticky Spanish Thermomix Chorizo

Cooking this Sticky Spanish Chorizo in the Thermomix was SUCH a win in The 4 Blades kitchen! Converted from a ...
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Stuffed Peppers Thermomix Tapas Recipe

Another favourite adapted from Jamie Oliver - made SO super quick and easy with the Thermomix. We featured this (one ...
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Super Quick Thermomix Marinade for BBQ Lamb Shish Kebab

Don't you just hate it when you find the perfect recipe for dinner, that you would like to have within ...
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Sweet Potato Tuna Patties Thermomix Recipe

This Sweet Potato Tuna Patties Thermomix recipe was created by Bec as an adaptation of The Road to Loving My Thermomix's recipe: ...
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T4B144: Impromptu Thermomix Dinner Party

T4B144: Impromptu Thermomix Dinner Party

Unexpected Guests? Impromptu Thermomix Dinner Party Time! In Episode 144, we plan out what to serve for an impromptu Thermomix dinner ...
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Tess's Rustic Gluten Free Bread Loaf

We'd love to meet Tess. Tess clearly knows what she is talking about. Because she has inadvertently given us one ...
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The Mother Lode of Bolognese Thermomix Recipe

This recipe, which makes a 'mother lode' of bolognese, was featured in Episode 48 of the podcast. Bec was working ...
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Thermomix Basil Pesto Dip

Super simple and super versatile... this Thermomix Basil Pesto Dip is great to have on hand. Sure, it's a dip ...
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Thermomix Béchamel Sauce

You could not get an easier Béchamel Sauce than this one. This is a Thermomix Béchamel Sauce, and that means ...
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Thermomix Cereal Alternative – Choc Berry Crunch

Looking for a Thermomix Cereal Alternative? This recipe was originally featured in The Breakfast Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine. We ...
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Thermomix Cheese Sauce

This Thermomix cheese sauce is delicious and mild. You can leave the mustard out if you don't like it. This ...
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Thermomix Chimichurri Sauce

Thermomix Chimichurri Sauce is a deliciously different sauce to have with your BBQ meats. This authentic South American sauce will ...
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Thermomix Conversion for Naughty Naturopath Mum's Anti-LCM Bars

Recently we came across Naughty Naturopath Mum (AKA Alisha)'s Anti-LCM Bars. We featured them in Episode 17 of The 4 ...
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Thermomix Frozen Fish Cakes

This is a delicious way to use up those frozen fish fillets hanging around the freezer. You know those ones ...
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Thermomix Lamingtons (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free!)

Firstly, we need you to know that we can't take any credit for the culinary genius of this recipe. It ...
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Thermomix Lasagne

Alright... we know you can't actually make a lasagne IN the Thermomix, but by making the components in the Thermomix ...
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Thermomix Little Hummingbird Cakes (Grain Free)

Apparently (according to the wisdom of Wikipedia), a Hummingbird Cake is a banana pineapple spice cake from the United States ...
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Thermomix Mushroom Burgers

Thermomix Mushroom Burgers that ACTUALLY taste good. Even mushroom HATERS agree that these burger patties are completely delicious. This recipe ...
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Thermomix Olive Hummus Dip

Looking for a twist on the original? Try this Olive Hummus. This olive hummus recipe is the brain child of our ...
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Thermomix Pesto Potatoes

This recipe originally featured in The 4 Blades Magazine: The Christmas Issue. It formed one of the side dishes of ...
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Thermomix Potato Fritters

This is a quick Thermomix breakfast accompaniment Joe has been working on - Thermomix Potato Fritters. We featured these in ...
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Thermomix Raita Dip

Fresh from the Thermomix Raita Dip We think you will love how light and refreshing this Thermomix Raita Dip is ...
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Thermomix Spinach and Ricotta Pasta Bake

Thermomix Spinach and Ricotta Pasta Bake... but a little bit fancy! Who doesn't love a bit of spinach and ricotta filled ...
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Thermomix Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni Bake

Thermomix Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni - A Family Favourite! Joe has decided that this Thermomix Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni Bake is his ...
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Thermomix Sweet Potato Hash

Looking for a great Thermomix sweet potato breakfast option? Ok... so first of all... what IS this? Well, we were curating ...
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Thai-Fish-Cakes-Thermomix Recipe

Thermomix Thai Fish Cakes

These Thermomix Thai Fish Cakes might not be much to look at, but boy do they pack a flavour punch! They ...
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Thermomix Vegetable Curry (with optional Prawns!)

This is a really fiery but tasty curry that can be made simply with vegetables, or with the meat of your choice ...
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Thermomix Veggie Slice Fingers

Looking for a yummy baby finger food? We created these Veggie Slice Fingers for The Party Issue of The 4 ...
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Thin & Crispy Grain Free Gluten Free Pizza Base

Need a Thermomix Gluten Free Pizza Base? This one's a ripper! Confession: We have actually been making this thermomix gluten ...
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Tina’s Chilli Sauce

This delicious sauce comes from the very talented Tina Wong of Dinner with Tina, “I love my chilli and so ...
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Two Ingredient Fudge in the Thermomix

Thanks so much to Wholefood Simply for this SUPER quick and easy recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup of macademia nuts 1 ...
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Vegan Egg Free Mayonnaise

Egg Free Mayonnaise in your Thermomix is SO EASY! Recently we got into the kitchen for some experimenting. It was ...
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Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Roast Capsicum Pesto Stuffing

Roasted Cauliflower that everyone will LOVE This recipe is really a two-for-one. It makes a delicious whole roasted cauliflower (perfect ...
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Yummo Thermomix Apple Turnover Recipe

If you are looking for a quick and delicious dessert (or afternoon tea snack!) that is cost effective and fun ...
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