T4B037: Four Ingredient Thermomix Recipes

Mar 4, 2014

In Episode 37, we bring you some four ingredient Thermomix recipes. Our criteria for these recipes were that they had to be single whole-food ingredients (e.g. not ‘cake mix’ as one ingredient).

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Here are the recipes we chose this week:

Recipe 1Peanut Butter Cookies (The Internet Chef – Bridget)

Thermomix Peanut Butter Cookies

Bridget takes you through her non-Thermomix method in the video above. It’s so simple… and delicious!

The first three ingredients are…
1 cup of sugar (we used raw sugar and blitzed Speed 9 / 3 seconds)
1 cup of natural crunchy peanut butter (you could try using Thermomix-made peanut butter, but we didn’t have enough in our fridge)
1 egg

Speed 4 / 15 seconds (until combined)

Follow Bridget’s nifty process for rolling and flattening your cookies and put them in a 180degree oven for 7 minutes.

Peanut Butter Cookies Before and After

But this is a four-ingredient podcast! What is the fourth ingredient?

Here are some great ideas that Bridget suggests. You could make…

  • Vanilla Nut Cookies by adding 2tsp vanilla extract to the mixing process.
  • Fruit & Nut Cookies by adding 1/2 cup of raisins (mix on Reverse+Speed 4 when mixing)
  • Coconutty Cookies by adding 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut to the mixing step.
  • Granny Nut Cookies by adding 1/2 an apple after you have blitzed the sugar and grate on Speed 6 before adding the peanut butter and egg.
  • Spicy Peanut Cookies by blitzing some dried chilli flakes when blitzing the sugar.
  • Peanut Choc Chip Cookies by adding 1/2 cup of chocolate drops to the mixing process (mix on Reverse+Speed 4)
  • Peanut Spice Cookies by adding 2tsp cinnamon to the mixing process.
  • Nana-Nut Cookies by adding 1/2 banana to the mixing process.
  • Orange Peanut Cookies by grating a carrot on speed 6 after blitzing the sugar, then mixing.
  • Peanut & Lime Cookies by blitzing the skin from half a lime (Speed 10 / 10 seconds) before adding the sugar to be blitzed.
  • Bacon Nut Cookies by adding 1/2 cup of chopped crispy bacon to the mixing process.
  • Milky Bar Peanut Cookies by adding 1/2 cup of white chocolate drops to the mixing process (mix on Reverse+Speed 4)
  • Snicker’s Cookies by using smooth peanut butter and adding 1/2 cup of almonds – may have to process a bit longer until the consistency you want is reached.
  • Thai Cookies by blitzing 3 chillies & 1/2 lime on Speed 10 / 10 seconds before blitzing the sugar.
  • PB&J Cookies by adding a dollop of jam to each flattened cookie.

For a peanut-butter / sugarfree alternative, we tried using almond butter, xylitol and egg. It needed an extra 2 minutes in the oven, and the end result was a more dense ‘biscotti’-like treat.
Recipe 24 Ingredient Tuna Patties (The Road to Loving My Thermomix)

These are a great idea for using up those little tuna cans that accumulate in your cupboard! They look yummy and easy to prepare, but due to the gluten in the crumbs and the soy / sugar in the flavoured tuna (and potatoes while doing the Whole30), we worked on an alternative that was Bec-friendly.

Recipe 3Sweet Potato Tuna Patties (The 4 Blades)
A gluten / grain / sugar-free alternative to the delicious Tuna Patties mentioned above.

Thermomix Sweet Potato Tuna Patties

Recipe 44 Ingredient Fruit Balls (Thermomix Tricks)
We selected these balls (which taste like apricot bars) because a) they have 4 ingredients and b) they are nut free, which a lot of nut balls are not. Options for fruit / nut / seed / cacao balls with only four ingredients abound, we are sure. Please feel free to share your favourite with us!

4 Ingredient Fruit Balls Thermomix

Here are some other four ingredient Thermomix recipes:

Mamacrooks emailed us to recommend the Sweet Potato Quiches from the Against All Grain blog. “Great four ingredient recipe idea – sweet potato quiches from against all grain blog (roasted sweet potato, eggs, and your choice of fill – I used sundried tomatoes and bacon)” – Thanks Mamacrooks!

The Road To Loving My Thermomix – Wheat Free Cheese Biscuits, Spinach Wraps and a number of sorbet options

Super Kitchen Machine – 3 Ingredient Pea Soup and CADA

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