5 Favourite Last-Minute Thermomix Gift Ideas

Dec 16, 2015

Which Thermomix Gift would you pick?

With less than 10 days until Christmas, we know that some of you will be looking for last minute Thermomix gift inspiration. Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for your friend who is an avid thermo mixer, maybe you are looking for some inspiration to help your loved one use their Thermomix more, or maybe you are trying to guide your loved ones to YOUR perfect gift (a subtle share of the link will be well received, we are sure!) Regardless of your situation, we are confident that our 5 Favourite Last-Minute Thermomix Gift Ideas can help. We think these 5 options would be welcomed gifts this Christmas morning… what do you think?

In no particular order (they are all excellent, and will likely make THE perfect gift if you follow the guide below…)

1. The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer 2016 Calendar

Who is this the perfect Thermomix gift for? TRTLMTCalendar2016

People that want to use their thermo mixer more. We think the fastest road to loving your thermo mixer is actually using it! Inside this calendar you will find simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes to add to the menu for each month of the year. Trying the recipes presented each month is the perfect way to fall in love with your thermo mixer, and gain confidence in the kitchen.


$22 per calendar (free shipping), available for purchase here.

This Friday, December 18, is the last day to order this little beauty… so be sure to get in quick!
Peta has been frequenting her local post office twice daily to make sure that she gets her calendars into your hungry hands ASAP.

2. Alyce Alexandra’s book “Recipes From Our Cooking School: Volume One”

Who is this the perfect Thermomix gift for?  thermomix cooking school

People who want to improve their thermo-abilities, whether beginner or beyond. As the title suggests, the beautiful recipes in this book are chosen from the cooking classes run at the Alyce Alexandra Cooking School, in Melbourne. They have been tried and tested time and again, and will help to develop a wide range of thermo skills and techniques. To hear more about this book, and the cooking school, you can check out Episode 88 of the podcast.


$45 + P&H, available for purchase here, or in store at 417 City Road, South Melbourne.

The team at Alyce Alexandra are shipping orders right up until Christmas Day, and are even doing same-day dispatch and offering express shipping! Melbournites are lucky that they can visit Alyce’s physical store in South Melbourne until December 23, including 9am – 1pm on Saturday December 19! You can order online and pick up in-store, or simply pop in and browse to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget that we are running a competition where you can WIN a copy of this awesome book. The comp closes on Christmas Eve, and the winner will be contacted on Christmas Day, as an extra Christmas present for them!

3. Skinnymixer’s books “A Little Taste of India” and “A Little Taste of Asia”

Who is this the perfect Thermomix gift for? thermomix gift skinnymixers

People who bought their thermo mixer because they wanted to make awesome food from scratch. The recipes featured in these books allow you make authentic (and completely delicious!) Indian and Asian food from fresh and healthy ingredients. These easy-to-follow recipes create sensational flavours, and lead to a fabulous end result. We highly recommend gifting these to people who live nearby in the hope that you will be given some of the creations!


$16.50 (free shipping) for either title, which gives you a hard copy AND digital copy of the book, available for purchase here.

Nikalene and her elves are working all through the holiday season to get her beautiful books out to you ASAP.

4. Tenina’s book “The Convenient Vegetarian”

Who is this the perfect Thermomix gift for?  thermomix gift vegetarian

Vegetarians who want to expand their repertoire with their thermo mixer, and families that want great ideas for meat-less mains and more. We are regularly asked for more vegetarian options, so we know that vegetarian thermo mixers will be thrilled to have a whole book of delicious options, with the usual Tenina flair.


$50 + P&H for this beautiful hard cover book, available for purchase here.

The last shipping day before Christmas will be December 22, but Tenina’s online store will continue to be open across the festive season.

The amazing bonus with this gift, is that if you purchase a copy of The Convenient Vegetarian by midnight on December 26 you will also be in the running to win a masterclass with Tenina at your house! How amazing would that be? Tenina will fly to your home city (within Australia), and put on a customised menu from this cookbook for you and up to 7 friends. This could be the most valuable Christmas present ever, if you are the winner!

5. A Gift Subscription to The 4 Blades Magazine

Who is this the perfect gift for? Festive Issue iPad

Owners of Apple and / or Android mobile devices who love getting beautiful new tried and tested recipes delivered to their device every month. Each issue is based around a theme, and is full of inspiration to help you get great use out of your thermo mixer. It’s the gift that keeps giving, month after month.


For the gift giver, this is probably the simplest gift you will come across. You can purchase an iTunes or Google Play gift card from your preferred retailer, and pair it with our handy printable Christmas gift certificate! You can choose the dollar value to gift to your recipient. Credit from the gift card can be used on a monthly subscription, a 6 monthly subscription, or even stocking up on the back issues of our collection. New subscribers will get access to the most recent issue, access to all issues marked as ‘Private’ and all issues released while their subscription is current.

Find out all about The 4 Blades Magazine gift subscription here.

Want to make this even better? We are using this super simple tablet holder in our kitchen, from K-Mart (Australia) for only $10! Add it to your gift for an awesome package of kitchen usefulness. Also, check the website giftcardsonsale.com.au – you may find that a retailer near you has iTunes or Google Play cards on sale… an added bonus!

Hopefully these ideas will contain the perfect choice for any last minute gifts you need to suit the thermo lovers in YOUR life. We can’t wait to see what is waiting for you under the tree this year and, more importantly, the amazing creations that come from it! Be sure to share your pics!

Please note that we have featured these items because we believe in the quality of these products, and the work of their creators. We are not affiliates for the above products, aside from our obvious association with our magazine.