Feeling Hot? Try These Wonderful Thermomix Watermelon Recipes

In Episode 131, we share four fabulous Thermomix watermelon recipes. It is stinking hot in our little part of the world and watermelon has become a daily staple in our house. We have found four great ways to use it as a cool refreshing treat. These recipes are super easy and we have no doubts you will want to make one straight away. 

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1 – Watermelon Juice / Shake

Recently we had a little holiday in Thailand. One of the things we really loved while we were over there were these delicious fresh fruit juices that only consisted of fruit and ice (no sweeteners). We though that these would be super easy to re-create with the thermo at home, however it took quite a bit of trial and error.

Here’s the recipe that we came up with that replicates our Thailand watermelon juice the best! 

Click here to view the Watermelon Juice / Shake recipe.

Recipe 2 – Watermelon Sorbet

Have you ever bought a whole watermelon and left it on the bench because you had no room in the fridge? Watermelons are well and truly in season at the time of recording this podcast so we can pick them up for $1-$1.50 per kg. This is GREAT but you do need to use them up because when watermelon goes bad it’s a stinky sticky mess.

One thing you can do is chop up your watermelon and freeze it in 300g portions.

Why 300g you ask? Well, we have found with ice and frozen fruit 300g is about the limit for the thermo before you are left with big chunks left whirring around the centre of the blades.

This is a super easy and fresh dessert or snack that you can whip up in no time with that frozen watermelon.

Click here to view the Watermelon Sorbet recipe.

Recipe 3 – Watermelon Lemonade (From The Packed Lunch Issue)

The Packed Lunch Issue has nine different styles of lunches that you can pack to take anywhere. Each lunch includes a drink and with the Vegan lunch you will find this delicious Watermelon Lemonade.

This is so tasty, it’s just like the old traditional lemonade with a watermelon twist.

Click here to view the Watermelon Lemonade recipe.

Recipe 4 – Watermelon, Ginger & Lime Ice Blocks

Oh. My. Goodness. These are truly truly delicious. You are going to LOVE them. Blitz up a batch and no doubt you will even just love the juice as it is. Such a great treat. It has a complex flavour profile.

For a SUPER simple watermelon ice block you can simply blitz up watermelon in the thermo and pour into moulds and it will be delicious. You can also blitz it up with some orange or pineapple for a more simple ice block.

BUT for something a little bit different (and REALLY delicious), you could also put in some pineapple chunks whole into the moulds and pour the juice over the top before freezing.

PS. How cute is this little bunny ice block? Polly’s Nana got it for her because she knows how much Polly LOVES ice blocks.

Click here to view the Watermelon, Ginger & Lime Ice Blocks recipe.

What’s your favourite Thermomix watermelon recipes? Leave us a note in the comments below!

Want more delicious watermelon recipes?

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