T4B129: Thermomix Chicken Marinade Recipes

Jan 12, 2017

What’s Your Favourite Thermomix Chicken Marinade?

In Episode 129, we share three delicious Thermomix chicken marinade recipes that we think you are going to love! They make for a quick, easy and delicious meal.

It’s summer time here in Brisbane and to celebrate we bought a new BBQ! We haven’t had a BBQ for about a year so this is a pretty exciting event for us. These three recipes that we have trialled for you are all absolute rippers and go beautifully on the BBQ. Pair these chicken marinades with the pomegranate salads we featured in Episode 128 of the podcast

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1 – Mild Greek Yoghurt Chicken Marinade

Greek Yoghurt Marinade

This is a new recipe on the blog and they go great in a gyros style wrap. These taste great and the flavour is quite mild which makes them perfect for the whole family. What we love about these is that there’s no real need to marinade for hours and hours. 20-30 minutes will do just fine.

If you’re keen on a gyros style experience you could try the grain free wraps which were featured in The Packed Lunch Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine or you could make the Grain Free Pizza Dough and simply cook up some flat breads on a frying pan without any toppings.

Recipe 2 – Peri Peri Chicken (from Skinnymixers)

Nikalene’s recipes are always stellar so when she releases a new one we are keen to give them a go. This peri peri chicken won’t disappoint! The marinade is SUPER quick and using chicken thigh made for a delicious and juicy end product. We will definitely make it again. Nikalene recommends adding parsley and lemon juice to take this dish to the next level – we will do that next time! 

This recipe will certainly be a crowd pleaser. It looks the part without being too spicy, so it suits the wholefamily. If you love a bit more spice you can simply amp up the chilli powder, or you could check out the Peri Peri whole chicken from The BBQ Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine which was designed as a homemade alternative to the Nando’s-style whole chicken. 

Recipe 3 – Jerk Chicken (from Forking Foodie)

Who doesn’t love a bit of Caribbean spice in their life? This Jerk chicken is delicious! You could use this marinade on chicken pieces, thigh or breast and it would be delightful. It has a decent kick to it without being too spicy and has a really complex flavour profile which we just loved. We served this to Peta when she came for a little visit and the whole 4 Blades team just LOVED it! It also makes a lot so we were able to package it up 

Thermomix Recipe Developer Team

Back in Episode 113 (Quick Thermomix Dinners) Sophia mentioned a jerk chicken recipe which she has published in her beautiful book Home Baked and also on Alyce Alexandra’s blog.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • We love this marinating technique for chicken pieces… put the marinade and chicken pieces in the bowl Reverse+Speed 3 / 5 seconds. It’s a great way to get a nice even coating of marinade without getting your fingers dirty.
  • Use gloves when dealing with chillies to avoid unwanted pain

What’s your favourite marinade? We’d love to know so we can try it out. Leave us a note in the comments below!

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