T4B095: Thermomix One Pot Wonders

Feb 17, 2016

Looking for some One Pot Wonders to make your life easier?

We all want more easy Thermomix recipes, right? Here are three one pot wonders that we think you are going to love! No cleaning the bowl between steps, no need for other tools. Dinners that won’t just be one hit wonders – you’ll want to make them time and time again!

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The recipes we chose this week are:

Recipe 1Creamy Curried Caulisotto (from Thermobexta)Creamy Curried Caulisotto

Super fast, easy and completely delicious, this one pot wonder will give you a great serving of veggies while giving you the feeling that you’ve just had a yummy risotto. We loved how quickly this was prepared, and it reheats well so you can enjoy the leftovers for lunch… bonus! Note: we substituted the coconut cream for goat’s yoghurt, which worked well.


Recipe 2Bek’s Creamy Beef Curry (from ThermOMG)Thermomix Beef Curry

We’ve made this ‘set and forget’ one pot wonder a couple of times now, and we will definitely make it again. Start with a few basic initial steps and then leave to cook away for one hour. So tasty, and freezesbeautifully. Note: we substituted xylitol for sugar and goat’s yoghurt for cream.


Recipe 3Family Friendly Thermomix Lemon Chicken (from The 4 Blades)Thermomix Lemon Chicken

This may surprise you, but Bec actually wasn’t a big fan of lemon chicken when she created this recipe. She hated the big clumps of fried batter covered in fluorescent yellow syrup. So it’s no surprise that this recipe isn’t like that at all! The flavours are deliciously balanced between sweet and tart. We think you will love this easy meal that will suit the whole family.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast… 

  • We wholeheartedly recommend buying a Thermomix scrubbing brush. They are the best!
  • When a recipe says ‘halfway through cooking add… xyz”, program the time you need to come back to your mixe. It can be hard to remember to come back!
  • When you are zesting citrus rind try adding more rind, and zesting 1 minute / Speed 10.
  • If you liked this podcast, you might like to check out Episode 67: Themomix Family Meals.

What is your favourite one pot wonder recipe? Leave us a note in the comments below! 

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