T4B091: Nikalene Riddle from Skinnymixers

Jan 20, 2016

In Episode 91, we are joined by Nikalene Riddle, founder of Skinnymixers and recipe developer extraordinaire. We loved hearing about Nik’s thermo journey, her process for creating recipes and useful advice for eating healthier when you have a family.

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From her humble beginnings of seeking out a machine to make almond butter to having one of the most active Facebook communities on the planet, Nikalene Riddle from Skinnymixers has certainly come a long way. Nikalene Riddle Skinnymixers

The recipes that Nik creates are loved across the globe, and for good reason. She advocates cooking from scratch. Her recipes are largely gluten / dairy / grain free. They are commonly low carb / healthy fat. However, what’s the common thread between each recipe? Taste. They have to be delicious. And simple, because who is going to stick to an eating lifestyle if it’s too much effort?

In fact, this theme of simplicity is one that continues to emerge when talking to Nik about her Thermo journey.

From simplifying her recipes to make them as straight forward as possible (fun fact: her incredibly popular Butter Chicken recipe began with 22 steps and now has 11), to attributing some of her weight loss success to the way the Thermomix makes cooking super easy and methodical, with more consistent successful results. Simplicity is a key to success.

Simplicity also applies when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. Nikalene talks about the 18 month journey to healthy eating she took with her husband and business partner Michael. Slow, simple changes over time that can be maintained. We also talk about this in the context of wanting to implement healthy changes when you have a family that may not be as keen.

A New Book! 

The Healthy MixNikalene has just released her beautiful new book, The Healthy Mix. It features 25 deliciously simple healthy recipes that can be incorporated into your regular midweek meals that will be loved by the whole family.

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