T4B089: Favourite 1st Birthday Foods

Jan 6, 2016

In Episode 89, we say a big THANK YOU for supporting us in our first year as parents! We also fill you in about our favourite 1st birthday foods, including what we served at Polly’s 1st Birthday Party… and what we WANTED to serve, if we hadn’t had a Thermomixing mishap!

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We made it! Our little Polly just turned one! Thank you so much for sharing your support with us throughout our first year of parenthood. We are so grateful.real fruit cake

On the day, we made Veggie Slice Fingers, Low Carb Chicken Wings (from The Picnic Issue), Brown Sugar Butter Wings (from The Budget Issue) and “I Love Your Potato Salad” Potato Salad. We also did lots of chopped up fruit and roast vegetable bites. Polly’s cake was made of fruit, care of Joe and our sister-in-law Penny.

We had also intended to do our favourite Grainfree Chicken Nuggets… alas, we had a Thermomix malfunction! Our blades were overworked! The test is that when you hold one of the blades you SHOULDN’T be able to turn the black dial. So needless to say, our Pulled Pork from The Budget Issue didn’t work either!

The recipes we chose to talk through in this week’s podcast are:

Recipe 1Veggie Slice Fingers (from The 4 Blades)

Thermomix Veggie Slice Fingers

Perfect for baby finger foods, and one of the great 1st birthday foods – the base recipe of this is simply vegetables and eggs. If you are serving to adults consider seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper, or throwing in some ham or cheese as well. Let them cool and cut up into bite sized pieces. These were originally created for the ‘Baby Party Foods’ section of The Party Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine.

Recipe 2Grain Free Chicken Nuggets (from Skinnymixers

Thermomix Grain Free Chicken Nuggets

These are a regular in our kitchen! They taste SO like store-bought chicken nuggets, that there’s no need to buy again. We make up a double batch of the crumb so that it’s ready and waiting for the next batch (yes, there will be a ‘next batch’). A huge hit when it comes to 1st birthday foods.

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…

  • Bec learned that staying up late to prepare food for a party THE NIGHT BEFORE is a spectacular idea.
  • If you don’t stay up to prepare the food and your whole catering plan revolves around your Thermomix, consider getting a second bowl and blade set. 🙂
  • Clean scourers make great watermelon ‘sandpaper’.

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