T4B081: Father’s Day Food Gift Ideas

Sep 3, 2015

In Episode 81, we bring you three great Father’s Day food gift ideas that you can make with your Thermomix!

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The recipes we chose this week are recipes that we thinks Dads will LOVE:

Recipe 1Dad’s Fully Loaded Rocky Road (from The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer)
Thermomix Rocky RoadPeta has outdone herself with this tasty treat! Stepping away from the traditional rocky road, she has created a Father’s Day food gift we think Dad’s will love. This rocky road combines pretzels, peanuts, marshmallows (white only, for Dad! Excuse the pink in our pic!), and Peta’s also has jersey caramels, but we didn’t have any to include. Go and check out her pic… they are seriously yum looking! Why not wrap in cellophane and tie it up with a cool new pair of shoelaces?

Recipe 2Hot Maple Man Mix (from The 4 Blades)
Grain Free Trail Mix ThermomixWe’ve created a Father’s Day food gift for the primal grain-free Dads, and we think he’s going to love it! Well, Joe sure did! It was all gone within 24 hours! This is a trail mix, but cooked with maple syrup, some spiced rum, some bacon and nuts / seeds / sultanas. Why not present it in a love tall beer glass?

Recipe 3American BBQ Sauce (from Why Is There Air? )
Thermomix BBQ SauceThis American BBQ Sauce was featured in The Celebrations Issue of our magazine. It is not the dark coloured sweet BBQ sauce that we use in Australia, this is the type of sauce that accompanies American BBQ meats perfectly. We are talking about ribs and wings here. This was really tasty, and you can adjust the level of heat depending on what your Dad likes. We loved the slight citrus taste… it was a great combination of flavours!

Here are some cool tips from this podcast…
– Looking for Thermomix gift ideas? The Christmas Issue of our magazine is always a great place to start!
– To melt chocolate you can pop chocolate melts into the Thermomix and program 3-5 minutes / 60C / Speed 3. If you are using a block of chocolate you may wish to grate it on Speed 7 / 7 seconds first. We commonly use 4 minutes / 50C / Speed 2-3 and that works too! Our little  experiment shows that you can get to the same destination taking different paths!
– Joe’s favourite shoelace company is Mavericks Laces.
– Check out our podcast about delicious chicken wings for some ideas of what to put the American BBQ Sauce with.
– What else can you use Spiced Rum for? Mojitos!
– Need to be soy-free? Have you ever tried mixing Vegemite (or Mighty-Mite for the GF alternative) with boiling water as a substitute? 1-2 Tbsp of Vegemite with 120g of water… give it a shot!
– You can PEEL garlic with your Thermomix! This is a step in the American BBQ Sauce and we can’t believe it actually worked! Reverse+Speed 4 / 3-4 seconds.

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