T4B033: Thermomix BBQ Recipes

Jan 21, 2014

In Episode 33, we give you some great Thermomix BBQ recipes to make your BBQ get-togethers easier and more delicious.

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Firstly, we made a Cobb Loaf Dip. This can work well with either regular or gluten-free loaves.

First step… make the loaf. 

Recipe 1“Tess’s Rustic Gluten Free Bread Loaf” (The 4 Blades website)

Make the dough according to the instructions. Take the lid off the TM bowl. Get a cookie tray lined with baking paper. Tip the TM bowl upside down onto the cookie tray. Twist the knob which attaches to the blades until the dough has dropped in a clump onto the cookie tray. If there is any dough left in the bowl use your ‘Super Spatula’ to get it out.

Glutenfree Cobb Loaf

With wet hands, smooth the outside of the dough into a ball shape. Let it rise for 10 minutes.

We cooked our loaf for just under 30 minutes in a 160 degree oven and it was perfect (i.e. hollow sound when you knock on it) so please keep an eye on it – would have burnt if we had left it for the full 50 minutes that the loaf recipe suggests. Once cooked, leave to cool.

Gluten Free Cobb Loaf

For a normal Cobb Loaf Option, try this…

Recipe 2‘Cob Loaf’ (from Steph Berg)
Note: We haven’t tried this recipe… but have had good success with Steph’s recipes in the past!

Second step… prepare the bread –
Once the bread has cooled somewhat, use a sharp knife to cut a wide circle in the top of the bread. Cut that circle in half and remove each half. Use a spoon to remove the rest of the bread, leaving the crust, so that a little ‘bowl’ forms. Chop up the bread bits into bite sized pieces that can be used to pick up that delicious dip.

Cobb Loaf Preparation

Third step… choose a dip –
It’s better if it’s not too thick. We chose this one…

Recipe 3‘White Bean and Almond Dip’ (from A Guy, A Girl, Furkids and Food)
This dip couldn’t be easier. To make it thinner to be a Cobb Loaf Dip we did two more rounds of adding 15g extra olive oil + salt + pepper + sprinkle of paprika + Speed 4 / 10 seconds. Delicious.

Simply spoon the dip into the bread ‘bowl’ and serve with bread pieces around the side of it.

Cobb Loaf Dip

Now for some meat to put on that BBQ!

Recipe 4 – ‘Moroccan Beef Koftas’ (from The 4 Blades)

Moroccan BBQ Koftas Thermomix

Other meat options that the Thermomix can help you with are…

Super Quick Thermomix Marinade for BBQ Lamb Shish Kebabs (Episode 20)

Really Easy Rissoles (Episode 29)

BBQ Calamari (Quick Fix: Every Occasion cookbook)

What are you going to serve with that meat?

Recipe 5‘Beetroot Relish’ (from Thermomix-er)
This is YUM. We are going to give it a try without sugar completely to see how it tastes as it is very sweet (as beetroot are naturally quite sweet). We halved the recipe and it made a standard 500g jar full of it. We cooked for 24 minutes and it turned out perfectly. We didn’t have any horseradish so we used an alternative of wasabi (reducing the quantity by half, we used 1.25g in total – the exact amount from the sushi packets!). It went very well with the Moroccan Beef Koftas.

Salads are also great side dish. Listen to Episode 27 of the podcasts for some of our favourites.

Thermomix BBQ Recipes

So what cool refreshing drinks are you going to serve with all that delicious food? 

Recipe 6‘Freshly Squeezed Lemonade’ (from A Canadian Foodie)
Wow. This recipe is SO fast and easy. You will get a traditional lemonade from this and it’s delicious. If you are expecting Sprite (or any other clear lemonade…) you may get quite a shock! Alternatives are adding sparkling / soda water to make it fizzy, or throwing in a couple of frozen raspberries / strawberries for a ‘pink lemonade’. If it’s a bit strong for you, try topping up with extra sparkling water.

Joe with his freshly made lemonade!

Joe with his freshly made lemonade!


Bec with Pink Lemonade - same drink with some frozen raspberries thrown in!

Bec with Pink Lemonade – same drink with some frozen raspberries thrown in!


Recipe 7‘Raspberry Lemonade’ (from Quirky Cooking)
Mmm Mmm Mmmm! This is completely delicious! Following this recipe will give you a ‘proper’ pink lemonade, as if you’d added raspberry cordial to it, but without the yucky colours and flavourings. Super easy and fast to make. As with all of Quirky Jo’s recipes, you can follow the recipe to the letter.

Raspberry Lemonade Thermomix

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