T4B027: Simple Summer Thermomix Salads

Nov 18, 2013

In Episode 27, we jumped into summer with some simple summer Thermomix salads.

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First up, we followed some great advice about chopped salads from Bee of Tick of Yum. Here is her winning formula:

“Firstly, finely chop anything that needs to be very small (e.g. garlic, herbs, shallots) – Speed 10 / 4 seconds.
Next, add the ‘choppy bits’ (ie. cabbage, apple, capsicum, carrots etc) – Lock the lid on and put the MC in place, turn the Thermomix on to speed 4 (NOT higher), the Thermomix will bounce around for a second, but after that SINGLE second, whip the MC off the lid. WATCH the bits – you will be able to tell how large the pieces are. Stop when they get to the right size. For Bee, it is 4 seconds.
Next, add the ‘stirry bits’ (ie. nuts, dried fruits, dressings, flavours etc), set the Thermomix to REVERSE, stir on speed 4 for 4-6 seconds, or until it is all mixed in.”

Here are the recipes we chose this week, (trying out Bee’s method in Recipe 1 and 3):

Recipe 1 Marion Jordan’s Famous Curry Coleslaw (from Forum Thermomix)

Curry ColeslawIn this recipe, we chopped up the shallots and parsley FIRST, on Speed 10 / 4 seconds.

Then we added the cabbage (by the way, fill the TM bowl to about 3/4 full with chunks of cabbage to be chopped) and chopped on Speed 4 until we got the size of cabbage that we were after. Note: DO NOT add more cabbage after you have already gotten the cabbage into the size that you want… you’ll risk overcrowding the bowl for the next step.

THEN we added the raisins, frozen peas, peanuts, mayonnaise and curry powder.

Note: depending on the mayonnaise that you use, you may want to add some salt, or use salted peanuts.

Super easy, and everyone went back for seconds!

Curry Coleslaw Served

Recipe 2Cheat’s Mayonnaise (from Sarah at Homemade, Happy, Healthy)

This is the mayonnaise that we used in the Curry Coleslaw. It was quick, easy and quite yum! Interestingly, this recipe doesn’t use the usual teaspoon of mustard, so it had a lighter flavour. We’re pretty sure that you COULD add it if you like the dimension that the mustard adds (we sure do!)

Cheat's Mayonnaise

Recipe 3Broccoli Salad (from Kelly on the Recipe Community)

This is one of the first things we made in the Thermomix, and one that we continue to make. Please note that it is different from the Broccoli Salad in the Every Day Cookbook.

In following Bee’s method… we chopped the choppy bits (broccoli, red capsicum, apple) on Speed 4 for 5 seconds. Then we added the pine nuts, olive oil, white balsamic (we used white wine vinegar), honey, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper… and set on Reverse+Speed 4 for 4-6 seconds. Easy, fresh and delicious!


Recipe 4Mixed Potato Salad with Red Chilli, Coriander and Feta (from Maria at Feisty Tapas)

Mixed Potato Salad with Chilli, Coriander & Fetta

This is a fun, fresh and spicy take on the old standard potato salad!

Maria explains this recipe very well so simply follow her instructions. A couple of notes though:

– Cook the potatoes in the varoma receptacle (the big bit on the bottom) rather than the tray.

Photo 10-11-2013 13 42 48

– After making the Chilli / Coriander / Cheese mixture, add the potatoes, lemon juices, olive oil and salt to the TM bowl and put on Reverse+Speed 4 for 5 seconds (being careful not to turn it to mush!). Perfect potato salad in seconds!

Mixed Potato Salad

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