T4B 004: Paleo Dinner Rolls, Our ‘Go-To’ Stew and Dairy-Free Choc-Nut Ice-Cream

May 20, 2013

In this episode of The 4 Blades podcast, we talk about how the Thermomix made us look good for unexpected guests on a Monday night. We LOVE to entertain and it was so great to be able to put on a bit of a show at a minute’s notice.

Firstly we look at some AMAZING paleo dinner rolls… These things are so good. These are from a great website called Paleo Spirit and were a massive hit. We’ve already made them again… Twice.

To go along with these terrific little rolls we put on our ‘Go-To’ Stew. This is so easy and the meat is as tender as it would be if you had slow cooked it for 5 hours. You can check out our recipe but as we say in the podcast, this is a great recipe to throw in any veges that you’ve got or need to use.

We then capped off the night with a glorious sugar and dairy free ice cream… Yep, you read that last line correctly, sugar and dairy free and it is so much like the real thing you won’t believe your mouth. You can check out our recipe for this one here, but you can also check out the Mousse that gave us the original inspiration ‘Mixing it up in Hong Kong

Other links mentioned in the show:

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superkitchenmachine.com – the blog for all things Thermomix / Bimby. Helene, who runs this site, is such a great creator and curator of the best Thermomix content. She also sells the ‘hands down’ BEST Thermomix accessories. We couldn’t be without our super spatula, or cleaning kit. Take a look at what she has on offer!

Coconut Butter from Super Kitchen Machine

How to make Coconut Milk and Coconut Flour from the Mindful Foodie

Quirky Jo’s Ice Cream Recipes

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