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Sticky Spanish Chorizo

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 56 minute


Cooking this Sticky Spanish Chorizo was SUCH a win in The 4 Blades kitchen! Converted from a recipe by the clever Jamie Oliver, the move from our stove to our thermo mixer improved the results of this recipe out of sight. No more burnt honey stuck to our pans! While you may not think of it as a match made in heaven, this recipe proves that chorizo was made to be cooked in your thermo mixer! It was featured in our Tapas Feast Plan on Episode 49 of the podcast.

Reader Feedback: “This would have to be one of my favourite thermo mixer recipes. An all in one recipe that is so easy to prepare and is always a crowd favourite when entertaining.” – Anthony

No: Gluten / Dairy / Egg / Nuts


  • chorizo sausages – 250g, sliced into 2 cm rounds (*check ingredients for intolerances)
  • olive oil – splash
  • honey – 40g
  • red wine vinegar – 80g


  1. Add chorizo (250g) to the bowl. Add a splash of olive oil. Set 15 mins / Steaming Temp / Reverse + Speed Spoon.
  2. Pour away any excess fat (you can leave a little).
  3. Add honey (40g) & red wine vinegar (80g). Set 15 mins / Steaming Temp / Reverse + Speed Spoon.
  4. Serve in a dish, pouring all the sticky sauce from the bowl onto the chorizo.
  • Prep Time: approx. 35 minutes

Keywords: Free Thermomix Recipes, Savoury Thermomix Snacks