Why try Lamb Shoulder?

If you are looking for a lamb roast (in the Thermomix??? What???) that is super tender, full of flavour and ready in an hour, this lamb shoulder is your guy. We created it for The Steaming Issue Vol II of The 4 Blades Magazine, and it is truly a new family favourite. We have also featured it in Episode 109 of the podcast: Lamb Thermomix Recipes.

Lamb Shoulder in the Thermomix

We have written the recipe in a way that you can easily throw on some yummy roast vegetables and steamed greens to enjoy a big family meal, or not if you just want to make the meat.

First up, you will use your Thermomix to whiz up the herb and garlic salt rub. Then, you will cover the lamb shoulder with the rub and steam it in the Varoma of your Thermomix. Steamed lamb? We know… it doesn’t sound the best… but the thing with lamb shoulder is that it is more fatty than lamb leg (and also more tender). So, the steaming actually helps to reduce the fat in the end product, making it deliciously tender without it drowning in fat. Win win!

You will then finish the lamb shoulder off in a hot oven for a short period of time, leading to some deliciously crispy bits without overcooking the lamb.

The end product? Well, try it for yourself, but we think that you will discover that this lamb roast is cooked to perfection. We have tested this numerous times with 1.5kg of lamb shoulder, but please be mindful if you adjust the weight of the lamb shoulder up or down as the cooking time may need to be tweaked accordingly. We find a meat thermometer an invaluable kitchen tool for roasting meats, so you may want to invest in one too, if you haven’t already.

Lovely Herb and Garlic Lamb Shoulder

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Serves 4-8
Prep time 1 hour, 10 minutes
Cook time 1 hour
Total time
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2 hours, 10 minutes
From magazine The Steaming Issue Vol 2, T4B Mag


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© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades



© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades