Hard Cover Book Pre-Order

Phew. You’ve made a great decision.

You know by now that we stand by our word and you can trust the quality of what we deliver.

We are currently working on an *AMAZING* hard cover book that is due to be delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

That pre-sale option you just took up was the cheapest price you will ever see for the product we have planned. In fact, even $40AUD had us nervous that we are taking pre-orders well below the cost of production. But we wanted to do it, to give you the opportunity to tell us that YES, you do want an amazing hard cover book brought to you by The 4 Blades.

If for whatever reason we do not produce the book, ALL pre-orders will be refunded. 100% guaranteed. It’s that easy.

We have recorded your order and we will be in touch with more info.