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Dairy-Free Bechamel Sauce (AKA Cauliflower & Leek Soup!) in the Thermomix

  • Author: The 4 Blades
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4


You can imagine my delight when tasting a newly made Cauliflower and Leek Soup for the first time, that a thought popped into my head… “Hey! This could taste like Bechamel Sauce!” You know, that creamy sauce that you put through lasagnes? Well, let me tell you, it has been SOME TIME since I tasted that.

This was featured as a free recipe on the T4B blog – Bec also used it to make a vegetable lasagne in Episode 12 of the podcast.

No: Gluten / Dairy / Egg / Nuts


  • leek – 1 large or 2 small, white part only, roughly chopped
  • oil – 15g, or butter
  • cauliflower – 400g, roughly chopped
  • vegetable stock – 2 Tbsp, paste
  • water – 250g
  • coconut cream – 2 Tbsp

Recommended seasonings:

  • paprika
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Add the chopped leeks (1-2) to the bowl. Chop Speed 5 / 4 seconds. Scrape down sides.
  2. Add the oil (15g) to the bowl. Program 2 minutes / 100C / Speed 1.
  3. Add chopped cauliflower (400g) to the bowl. Chop Speed 5-6 / 5 seconds.
  4. Add stock paste (2 Tbsp) and water (250g) to the bowl. Program 20 minutes / 100C / Speed 1.
  5. Add coconut cream (2 Tbsp), paprika, salt and pepper as required. Increase speed slowly up to blend for 1 minute / Speed 10.
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes

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