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These choc orange cookies came about because Bec was feeling selfish. She wanted to make a biscuit that she would LOVE. We are happy to report that the mission was successful.

These fudgey choc orange cookies are grain free. If you use xylitol in lieu of sugar they really make a great sweet treat for those following any kind of low sugar diet. That’s what we do as Bec is quite sensitive to sugar. They are incredibly quick and easy to make with a Thermomix. Grind up the orange zest with the xylitol in the Thermomix to create a beautiful aromatic sugar. Grind up the almonds into almond meal to create the bulk of the cookies. It’s that easy!

thermomix cookies




We discuss these yummy Thermomix choc orange cookies in Episode 111 of the podcast, where you will discover a little secret… Bec thinks this raw dough is seriously divine. Eek! Raw dough? Raw egg? Definitely not for the pregnant women… but oh boy, what an indulgence.

This recipe was created for The Sweets Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine, as part of the ‘Cookie Jar’ section. The purpose of this issue of the magazine was to create a resource of sweet recipes that could be used across many different occasions. Like this recipe, there were lots of other gluten free recipes that were particularly yummy, along with family favourite sweets and treats.

You can make your choc orange cookies your preferred size. This batter will make 20-30 biscuits, depending on the size you pick. They keep well in the fridge / freezer… although our batches have never lasted longer than a day (moderation doesn’t seem to be our strong suit!)

Choc Orange Cookies


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© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades



© Copyright 2018 The 4 Blades