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Our Story

Our Story 2017-09-11T14:39:10+00:00

We are Rebecca and Joe Winston and it’s our pleasure to bring you The 4 Blades.

First up… a bit about us… 

It all started back in the late 1990s when Joe went to a local Brisbane boys school, and Bec went to the adjacent local Brisbane girls school. The two schools shared a music program, which we were both involved in.

We first met when Bec was 13 years old (mid Year 9), and Joe was 12 years old (mid Year 8) *yes… Joe IS 14 months younger… a fact he will NOT let Bec forget*, on the Intermediate Concert Band camp. Joe played the clarinet, and Bec played the flute (note: not very well).

2001 – Bec & Joe in NZ on a school band tour

2008 – Bec & Joe at Bec’s ‘1984’ themed birthday party

Once school was over, we remained friends.

However, Joe was not invited to Bec’s 18th birthday party because her Mum said that Joe couldn’t come as there would be alcohol there, and Joe was too young. Joe is still dirty on this point.

Bec WAS invited to Joe’s 18th birthday party, yet cannot remember why she didn’t attend. Joe is also still dirty on this point.

The years went on. Joe had a number of girlfriends and as issues arose with them, he would call Bec to talk them through. This was an act he would later regret, as Bec was able to guess his next move before he made it…

In 2008, Joe came down to Melbourne to visit Bec for her 24th birthday party. She was having a 1984 party – where you had to come as something representing pop culture from 1984. She was ‘That Girl’ (“Who’s That Girl” – The Eurthymics), he was Nigel Tufnel (from “This Is Spinal Tap”). Later that week, Bec pashed Joe… the rest is history.

Since then…

  • Joe came down to Melbourne for Bec’s graduation, then drove her (and all her stuff) back to Queensland
  • We had an awesome holiday in Port Douglas… which later became our wedding location!
  • Joe proposed to Bec in one of the most wonderful proposals the world has ever seen (there were views, there was song writing, there was singing and there was a ring box with built in LED down lights…)
  • We started a party business, while Joe was studying full time (dietetics… then marketing), and while Bec was working full time as an osteopath.
  • We had a four day wedding party in Port Douglas, followed by an amazing honeymoon in the Cook Islands.

2011 – Bec & Joe at their wedding in Port Douglas

2012 – Doing the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Joe was warmly welcomed into Bec’s family of 6 brothers and sisters (+ their spouses) and nineteen nieces and nephews… after a significant ‘trial’ period of initiation by the brothers.
  • We have travelled to KL, Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Cambridge, Bath, Pompeii, Positano, Rome, throughout Umbria, Phuket, Nashville, New York, Washington DC, Madrid, Lake Garda, Venice, Olympia, Ephesus, Istanbul, Dubrovnik and Paris. Most of our holiday destinations have revolved around food and / or cooking and / or wine. (note: feel free to take a look at our thorough *read: verbose* account of our travels.

We share a love of good food, travel and celebration. We try to add playfulness and fun into our daily lives. We were blessed to welcome our baby girl into the world in late 2014 and she is growing into her love of good food too.

And a bit about The 4 Blades… 

The Thermomix has been such a welcome addition to our lives as it has made good food simpler, and our celebrations even more delicious. We love sharing our food discoveries with our podcast listeners and beautiful food ideas with our magazine readers.

You can make the most of all the free stuff we have here on our website to help make the most from you Thermomix. We have a tonne of podcast episodes on a wide range of topics, and heaps of recipes to try.

Want more? We joined forces with the amazing Peta from The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer to create an awesome digital Thermomix magazine. The mag will give you a dose of monthly inspiration for new and delicious ways to use your Thermomix. Each issue has over 40 tried and tested recipes!

2013 – Joe & Bec launch The 4 Blades

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