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Low FODMAP bolognese Thermomix recipe

Low FODMAP Bolognese Thermomix Recipe

Looking for a Low FODMAP Bolognese Recipe but thought it was impossible? When we decided to record a low FODMAPs Dinner podcast we decided that we NEEDED a low FODMAP Bolognese – it was a real must. So we used our popular Motherlode of Bolognese recipe, but reduced the FODMAPs. …

Low FODMAPs Thermomix Salmon Marinade

Quick Low FODMAPs Marinade for Salmon

Looking for a super quick Low FODMAPs Marinade? Then look no further. One of the biggest issues people have with a low FODMAPs diet is flavour. We’ve whipped up this super quick Low FODMAPs Marinade and used it on a salmon fillet. That being said, this would also work well with lamb …

Thermomix mushroom burger recipe

Thermomix Mushroom Burgers

Thermomix Mushroom Burgers that ACTUALLY taste good. Even mushroom HATERS agree that these burger patties are completely delicious. This recipe was featured in Episode 137 of the podcast: Thermomix Vegetarian BBQ. When we originally came up with the idea of creating Thermomix mushroom burgers we were pretty skeptical that they would work out. …

Thermomix Fish Recipes

Thermomix Frozen Fish Cakes

This is a delicious way to use up those frozen fish fillets hanging around the freezer. You know those ones that you bought to have on hand, but you have never actually gotten around to using? They are perfect to serve with veggies for dinner, and you can quite easily add …

Greek Yoghurt Marinade

Mild Greek Yoghurt Chicken Marinade

Quick, easy, cheap and delicious chicken marinade. What more could you want? We love this chicken marinade! It’s super tasty but also quite mild, so it’s great for the whole family. As an added bonus, you don’t need hours and hours to marinade. Just 20-30 minutes and you get all the …